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New property contract for Dubai but extra clauses still allowed

It will also make it harder for buyers and sellers, including developers, to wriggle out of contracts or to adjust contracts, said Emmad Eldin Farouq, senior legal advisor at the Dubai Land Department.

He added that the basic contract would become the norm it would also provide a clear, transparent guide to the rights of both the developer and the buyer.

'The standard contract is ready and will be introduced soon for all properties. There is too much small print in contracts at present and this is simple, clear and transparent,' he explained.

But although the standard contract will be the same for all transactions there will be the scope for other clauses because different developments have different rules and regulations.

Lawyers said this is necessary. 'You can't legislate for everything and you need an element of freedom in the contract. There will be standard terms and then any changes will go in a separate section to make it fair,' said Michael Lunjevich, partner at Hadef and Partners.

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority in Dubai said that although officials can work to make the buying and selling process as water tight as possible it is always up to the buyer to read the contract in full.

'We need to make sure that people read the contracts carefully,' said a spokesman from Rera. But the authority hopes that the new standard contract will help to reduce the number of disputes it deals with.