New products unveiled in The Nottingham’s revamped five-year fixed residential range

The Nottingham has announced a new range of five-year fixed mortgages.

They are available at 90% and 95% LTV, and cashback options (purchase only) are included.

The lender previously included booking and arrangement fees on some 90% and 95% LTV five-year fixed mortgages, however the new products are fee-free. More details can be found below.

· 90% LTV without cashback, 2.79%

· 90% LTV with £500 cashback, 2.89% (purchase only)

· 95% LTV without cashback, 2.98%

· 95% LTV with £300 cashback, 3.05% (purchase only)

The Nottingham’s Head of Mortgage Product, Christie Cook, said: “A week ago we introduced new two-year residential mortgages and are quickly following that up with a refreshed five-year fixed offering.

“It’s important that as well as having competitive rates we offer good choice for people, whatever their property aims. To that end we are delighted to launch a product range that provides options for those looking to fix rates for five years.”