Open Floor Plans less popular after coronavirus

People are less inclined to buy open plan homes due to the lack of privacy involved, research from US firm Zillow indicates.

Builders reckon more people want more quiet spaces to work, reflect and take a break, now more people are forced to work from home.

In a survey by Zillow and The Harris Poll, 27% of those surveyed said they would consider moving to have a home with more rooms – one of the top reasons for considering a move.

Katie Detwiler, vice president of marketing at Berks Homes, said: “Open floor plans are changing.

“People are feeling like they need more privacy, so we’ll see more doors – especially for home offices – more insulation for noise control, and separate spaces to keep the kids busy while parents work.

“More people will work from home in the future – period. There will need to be space and privacy to accommodate that.”

Kerrie Kelly, design expert at Zillow, predicted that smart-home features like touchless faucets, bidets, and self-cleaning toilets will become increasingly popular, as the pandemic has emphasised the importance of keeping spaces as clean as possible.

She said: “Touchless faucets and bidets are only the beginning.

“Just wait until the floor tile takes your temperature and the bathroom mirror checks your vitals.

“Exciting new products are on the horizon when it comes to keeping a clean, safe and healthy home.”