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Property and construction professionals want to keep working from home

Some 55% of property and construction workers want more home working opportunities once the lockdown is over, research from Hitachi Capital UK has found.

The number one reason they like to work from home is avoiding the commute (33%), as well as being able to structure their work around their daily life (16%) and having no office distractions (13%).

Robert Gordon, chief executive of Hitachi Capital, said: “Working from home has both its pros and cons, and our research shows that it could definitely have a lasting impact on the habits of property and construction workers.

“This changing landscape provides employers with an opportunity to re-evaluate their business models.

“Remote working has forced everyone to rethink their working practises and opens up new opportunities for attracting and retaining the best talent from a wider pool.

“It could also lead to operational savings, using agile working to offset the cost of expanding office premises.”

The research claimed the pandemic has helped alter people’s mindset towards environmental issues, after two in five (40%) said they are considering alternative eco-friendly commutes when they can safely return to work.