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The questions estate agents hate answering

Estate agents are most wary of being asked how much money a property has lost in value over the years, research from has found.

They also dread being asked whether there are plans in the local area that can affect homeowners, followed by the lowest price that sellers are willing to go.

Matthew Wasley, valuations manager from, said: “In all honesty, I think as an estate agent it’s important that we are there to make sure sellers achieve the best possible price, but at the same time we need to respect first-time buyers’ lack of knowledge.

“Generally, we welcome any questions, whatever they may be, and answer them to the best of our knowledge. The weirder the better in some cases!”

Agents also revealed some of the most unusual questions they’d been asked by prospective buyers during viewings.

These include ‘do the pets/plants come with the house?’, ‘is there any chance that the home is haunted/has ghosts’, ‘would I be allowed to paint the house exterior?’ and ‘Can I stay over before I put an offer in?’