Central heating is priority for buyers but many want strong broadband and mobile signal

An efficient central heating systems, double glazing, and secure doors and windows top the list of what buyers in the UK want but good broadband and a strong mobile signal are becoming increasingly important.

New research shows that 82% of buyers want central heating, 80% wand double glazing, 74% want secure doors and windows, 69% want a garden and 59% want a good, reliable broadband connection sufficient to stream films and television.

The study from GoCompare Home Insurance also shows that 59% want plenty of electric sockets, 58% want good local shops and amenities, 53% want a drive or parking space and the same number want a strong mobile signal, while 52% want their home to have a good energy efficiency rating and the same number want at least two toilets.

But fewer people are bothered about having friendly neighbours and the desire for open plan living spaces, highly rated schools and period features have all failed to make the top 20.

A reliable broadband connection has moved up into the top five home essentials from eighth last year, while a clear mobile signal and a good energy efficiency rating are both in the top 10 for the first time. However, friendly neighbours, ninth last year, and access to a dedicated parking place, fifth last year, have both dropped down the list.

At the other end of the spectrum, just 19% of buyers would like a conservatory, 13% wood floors, 13% good local schools, 9% open plan living spaces, and just 5% want period features.

‘Buying a home is the biggest financial commitment most people will make. So, before viewing properties it is helpful to have an idea of the type of area and property you’d like to live in and think about your real must have priorities,’ said Ben Wilson, spokesperson for GoCompare Home Insurance.

‘Connectivity and energy efficiency are two massive factors for anyone thinking about a move at the moment, while the number of electrical sockets is now more important than access to local amenities. Likewise, a broadband signal fast enough for streaming, and a reliable and a clear mobile phone signal are deemed home essentials today and sellers need to be wise to these new priorities,’ he added.