Government tightens Airbnb regulations

Airbnbs will require planning permissions and local councils will have the power to remove permitted development rights, under a new policy unveiled by the government.

They said this alteration is designed to prevent local residents from being priced out of their own communities.

Planning permissions will be granted by default, but there will be a mandatory national register, enabling local authorities to manage the quantity of short-term lets in their area.

The changes are set to come into effect by the summer.

Michael Gove, housing secretary, said: “Short-term lets can play an important role in the UK’s flourishing tourism economy, providing great, easily-accessible accommodation in some of the most beautiful parts of our country.

“But in some areas, too many local families and young people feel they are being shut out of the housing market and denied the opportunity to rent or buy in their own community.

“So the government is taking action as part of its long-term plan for housing. That means delivering more of the right homes in the right places, and giving communities the power to decide.

“This will allow local communities to take back control and strike the right balance between protecting the visitor economy and ensuring local people get the homes they need.”

The government said it’s considering how to apply the register so property owners that let out their home infrequently aren’t unduly affected

Julia Lopez, tourism minister, said: “Short-term lets provide flexibility for homeowners and give tourists more accommodation options than ever before, but this should not prevent local people from being able to buy or rent homes in their area.

“The government is committed to getting the balance right to ensure both local people and our visitor economy can thrive.”