Sadiq Khan hits out at Section 21 ‘dithering’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has hit out at the Tories for continuing to delay the ban on Section 21 evictions, a pledge made in 2019.

This comes after backbench Conservative MPs were reported to watering down the Renters Reform Bill.

Khan said: “Once again London’s 2.7 million private renters are left with the threat of eviction hanging over their heads due to ministers’ broken promises.

“Any sense of relief we felt when the Renters (Reform) Bill finally limped into Parliament last year has now been washed away by months of dither and delay, followed by reports of the promised reforms now being watered down beyond recognition.

“Meanwhile, in the real world, London renters are losing their homes at a rapidly increasing rate both from the still-legal Section 21 evictions and the actions of unscrupulous rogue landlords.”

There are fears the reforms could push landlords out of the sector, especially when the broken court system means it takes months to evict a tenant with a Section 8 notice.

Last month housing secretary Michael Gove said Section 21 evictions would be scrapped before the General Election.

The NRLA has labelled the continuing delay regarding the eviction ban as “destabilising and damaging for those living and working in the private-rented sector”.