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Where people are looking to move

People living in Colchester, Norwich, York, Chester and Derby are most likely to want to move in England, research from platform has found.

In Colchester 34,916 per 100,000 people are googling potential properties.

People are most interested in moving in Northern Ireland, with those in Lisburn taking top spot, followed by Bangor.

Aberdeen ranked bottom as the UK city where people are least interested in moving house. Just 10,485 searches per 100,000 people are completed for terms relating to house moves every month in the city.

David Burrows, head of, said: “Despite house prices rising 1.4% year-on-year in Northern Ireland, residents in the region still remain some of the most interested in moving house.

“House prices in Scotland have risen the most over the last year, according to the UK’s House Price Index, with the average price soaring 3.3% to £190,341 as of December 2023.

“With no Scottish representation in the top ranking, and Aberdeen and Dunfermline placed at the bottom of the study, you may find that aspiring homeowners in Scotland are biding their time and waiting for the prices to dip again before making their move in the property market.”