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Workplace access platform launches

A Proptech platform has launched which promises to optimise to use of rooms to increase revenue.

Accessia provides real-time monitoring of buildings, as well as security solutions, such as controlling access to areas based on membership type.

The platform uses smart location services to detect who is using a space and how, whether it is very popular, or underused.

That way, if some space is underused, the platform can recommend additions like changes like more telephone booths or private meeting spaces.

It also means that heating, lighting, and cleaning rotas can be optimised based on real, live usage data to reduce bills and improve energy efficiency.

Mark Loney, CEO of Accessia, said: “Accessia is a new flex space access and analytics tool that will drastically change the way workplaces are run for the better.

“Flex spaces are at the forefront of our changing world of work. To stay ahead of the curve, flex space operators can use our technology to optimise, be more competitive, boost revenue and even generate new streams of income where appropriate, all while continuing to provide a great experience to their members.”

Accessia allows members to see when their colleagues plan to be in the office and decide whether the commute is worthwhile, in turn increasing visit rates. Accessia app-based but can also be integrated in a flex space’s existing app.