Magento 2 Reward Points Extensions: Comparison

Competition in the online shopping arena is now fierce. For businesses, it becomes challenging to come up with a truly unique selling proposition. And it’s even harder to make a business remembered and keep the one-time buyers returning for more.

Loyalty programs are a way to go here as they help offer extra. Isn’t it in people’s nature to feel positive about places where we feel valued?

This article has been designed for brands on Magento 2 who seek means to launch or revamp their loyalty programs.

Let’s get straight to the comparison.

Best Magento 2 Reward Points Extensions

Each of the solutions on the list boasts a unique set of features that we’ll do our best to spotlight and share.

Mageworx Reward Points

The Reward Points module from Mageworx opens our comparison. It’s a reliable Magento points and rewards extension that has received an impressive number of 5-star reviews on Magento Marketplace and the official company’s site.

With this extension, you can build flexible conditions and stimulate site visitors to complete specific on-site actions to receive rewards The extension covers all aspects of setting up such a loyalty program and running it – emails, refunds management, and multiple other scenarios are made provision for.

What distinctive features does it have?

  • API support
  • Flexibles rules and conditions
  • Exchange rates
  • Advanced calculation options
  • Design customizability
  • Points import and export
  • Expiration date setup
  • Email notifications

Reward Points by Magenest

Magenest’s module is another solution to introduce a  loyalty system in Magento 2. As all extensions on our list, the module allows you to construct a system of motivations and added value for the shopper.

This Reward Points module brings a rule-based rewards allocation. It can be creating an account on your website, newsletter subscription, leaving a product review, referring a friend, or completing the first purchase with a brand.

What distinctive features does it have?

  • Various earning and selling rules
  • Ability to add rewards manually
  • Points for referring a friend
  • Email notifications
  • Reward policy CMS page creation
  • Behavior and catalog rules
  • Manual editing in the backend
  • Points expiration date setup
Image source: Statista. Leading ways in which loyalty programs were used.

Webkul Reward Points

This third-party vendor introduces its own solution with a unique set of features for building customer loyalty. Similar to other add-ons, it will help store admins use rewards to encourage shoppers to complete particular actions.

The module also offers site visitors the ability to overview their points balances in customer accounts and cover the cost of the second and further purchases at the checkout. Birthday rewards are also available here.

What distinctive features does it have?

  • Rewards for performing specific actions
  • Points for purchasing particular items
  • Rewards for specific cart values
  • Expiration dates
  • Attribute-based points allocation
  • Export via CSV/XML
  • Email notifications
  • Reward points editing in the backend

Magento 2 Points & Rewards by J2T Design

Here’s another valuable Magento 2 extension that allows building a reward points system. It will enable customers to collect rewards when placing an order and redeem them as a discount on future purchases.

Distinctly, the extension includes basic referral program functionality and allows rewarding shoppers for referring a friend. It can be achieved by sharing a referral link via your shoppers’ preferred communication channels (social media, private messages, blog posts, etc.)

What distinctive features does it have?

  • Points for referring a friend
  • Ability to display the number of available rewards on product/category pages
  • Dedicated block at the shopping cart page
  • Stats on points balance changes in the backend
  • Import/export functionality
  • Email notifications
  • Catalog and cart rules
  • Points slider on the cart page

Mageplaza Reward Points

And here’s the last but not least Magento 2 Reward Points extension that offers a decent set of features. The module’s workflow is similar to the solutions described above, i.e., customers receive rewards for completing specific actions following specific rules.

The module allows setting up separate rules and conditions for different store and customer groups. Expiration period setup is also available in the extension. Plus, Mageplaza’s module allows placing points indicators practically anywhere on your site: product, category, cart, checkout pages, and mini-cart window.

What distinctive features does it have?

  • Rewards for placing an order and other activities
  • Rewards for site/product sharing on social media
  • Points for referring a friend
  • API support
  • Rewards indicators on different pages
  • Adding custom labels
  • Setting up rates
  • Email alerts


One of the strongest advantages of the Magento Community is the availability of third-party extension providers. They provide a pool of solutions that let merchants expand the functionality of the core codebase and achieve business-specific goals.

All Magento 2 Rewards extensions on our list can help store owners kickstart a robust loyalty program and thus build a more lasting relationship with your customers.

We’ve done our best to cherrypick modules from the go-to vendors with a proven history of positive reviews and high ratings.

Now, it’s your turn to explore these solutions in more detail and decide in favor of the most valuable extension for your brand.