Game-Changing Regeneration Makes Bracknell the Next Key Investment Hotspot

London’s much documented decline in popularity amongst property buyers and renters alike has seen a shift in buyer activity across the UK’s property market in recent years. Where the capital was once king, particularly for investors, now regional cities and commuter towns have begun to take its place. One such town is Bracknell, which is fast emerging as a prime investment location, with property prices seeing a 55% rise in the last decade.

As a cornerstone of the rapidly growing UK Silicon Valley, Bracknell is a key destination for forward-thinking technology businesses with unrivalled transport links in and around the region. Thanks to a 20-year, £770 million regeneration project, Bracknell is emerging as the next prime investment destination as renters are priced out of an increasingly unaffordable London market.

Historically, Bracknell has experienced phenomenal growth with prices rising by 249% since 1999. While the area still remains affordable with the average property priced at £367,458 – compared to nearby London (£729,105) and Guildford (£534,993) – areas of Bracknell still experienced property growth of 18% last year alone.

This exceptional growth is being driven by a focused vision of transformation, rejuvenating the leisure spaces and amenities in the area while creating new residential and commercial developments ready to accommodate the rising tenant demand.

At the heart of this growth is The Lexicon, a £240 million development featuring high-end brands such as Fenwick, Waitrose and L’Occitane that has transformed Bracknell’s core into a vibrant retail and leisure destination.

Commercially, Bracknell is already established at the heart of the UK’s tech corridor and a vital hub for the world’s technology industries, attracting huge brands including Dell, Honda and HP. The town’s technology sector has provided the basis for market growth over the last 10 years and nearly 40% of office takeup has been by tech firms.

This has impacted population growth as professionals flock to the town for employment opportunities. Bracknell is already home to over 120,000 people, forecast to increase by 15% by 2036, representing one of the highest projected growths in the country.

Bracknell the region

As a region, Bracknell is demonstrating the high-level of productivity that is vital for both investors and tenants. For savvy investors, Bracknell has clear investment potential that is being boosted by exciting new developments such as The Grand Exchange.

A game-changing residential development by SevenCapital, The Grand Exchange will feature ultra-modern, loft-style apartments alongside unprecedented, exclusive resident facilities. Designed specifically for the modern tenant, The Grand Exchange will arrive alongside the £770 million regeneration sweeping through the town, perfectly positioned to take advantage of the rapidly increasing tenant demand.

Andy Foote, director at SevenCapital, believes The Grand Exchange is a true game changer for the residential landscape:

“This development is going to change the way people live in Bracknell, and it’s exciting. We’ve seen the trend for city centre living already surge in popularity across areas such as Birmingham and Manchester. This has now started to filter into towns across the country, as more and more people realise the convenience it offers, notably easy access to transport, work and amenities.

The Grand Exchange has been designed to meet this demand and we’re proud that this development will make a significant contribution to the fantastic transformation that Bracknell is currently enjoying.”


Get ahead of the game today with The Grand Exchange, featuring 81 apartments available for off-plan purchase in the first phase of release. Enquire about The Grand Exchange.


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