Monaco International Luxury Property Expo 2019

The Monaco International Luxury Property Expo 2019, a B2C exhibition for international real estate, will be held from 15 to 16 May 2019 at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.

Exhibitors include upmarket property developers and real estate agents from 80 countries.

The exhibition will showcase properties located in all areas attractive to investors including Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Thailand, the Maldives, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, the Caribbean, Hawaii, the Canary Islands, French Polynesia, and Cuba, as well as the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Egypt, and Jordan.

The Exhibition will feature residential real estate and commercial real estate, including hospitality, office, and retail properties, and income generating rental and investment properties.

The Monaco International Luxury Property Expo will be attended by individual home buyers from 25 countries, as well as by top real estate agents, investors, and the world’s leading developers.

The event is organized in partnership with the government of the Principality of Monaco.

The MILP Exhibition is the 16th project in the IELP series. Between 2016 and 2018, IELPE events were held around the world, including Shanghai, Mumbai, Moscow, Kyiv, Cannes, Almaty, and Baku.  Interviews with exhibitors and attendees and their feedback on the event can be viewed here.

For more detailed information, please contact the organizer at: [email protected], or +44 20 335 581 11.