Impact of UK interest rate rise for investors

On 02 November, the UK waited to find out whether or not the Bank of England governor Mark Carney was to raise the interest rate for the first time in a decade. Experts were predicting a rise following the historic lows reached shortly after the UK voted to leave the European Union last year, and they were correct, with the announcement coming shortly after midday that the UK interest rate was being raised by 0.25%.

This decision has provoked a mixed reaction amongst investors, according to crowdfinding and investing platform Intro Crowd. It says that for those investing to save, in an ISA for example, the interest rate rise is welcome, potentially increasing the saving capacity of their capital.

For those investing in property however, the interest rate decision could prove to be disadvantageous depending on the type of mortgage taken out by the investor. Those on a fixed rate mortgage may see little to no difference, however those without a fixed rate could experience an increase in monthly repayments, potentially an area of concern for those buy to let landlords currently maintaining empty properties, the firm says.

More traditional investments that are directly affected by changes in the financial markets may also experience some uncertainty while we wait for the fluctuation between Sterling and its peers to settle once again, it adds.

The advice from Intro Crowd is to have a diversified portfolio is one way in which to manage risk of loss from fluctuations in the market, and from economic changes such as the interest rate rise. When considering changes to your portfolio, it is always advisable to seek professional advice from a professional financial advisor.

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