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Ways to Increase Home Value

As a homeowner, making sure that the value of your home is increasing and following a trajectory to continue to do so is important. If you are considering making improvements to the home to increase the value for your own enjoyment or for resale, there are certain tips and tricks that are typically no-fail ways to accomplish this goal. While factors like location, and market statistics are out of your control, there are many improvement opportunities that are in your control. If you are like most homeowners out there, your home is your biggest asset, so taking care of it should always be a top priority.

Make it More Attractive

Attractiveness can refer to physically what the eye can see, and to adding elements to the home that make it stand out. How your home looks from the curb will be its first impression. Landscaping does not have to be expensive to be attractive, but it does have to be groomed and presentable. Adding pops of color to make your home brighter and more eye catching like potted flowers or painting the front door an accent color are examples of ways to up the attraction level from the curb. On the inside, unique upgrades like luxury stone countertops or top of the line technology features are going to help boost your homes appeal. A home lift system is a great example of a way to elevate the status of your house, while also making it future proof. This scale of an upgrade is a worthwhile investment because home lifts increase the value of a home and there are a variety of models that you can select from so you make the choice that best suits your home.

Make it Smart

Technology is not going anywhere so adding techy elements to your home is going to not only bring it up to today’s standards, but it will also help push it forward and up its value. Subtle additions like using personal assistant devices can get your home operating on one wavelength and can increase its tech status and efficiencies. You can use these devices to control your thermostat, sprinkler system, garage door, almost anything and you can also install programs on your cell phone to make them even more accessible. While smart advancements do not always increase the value per se, they will increase the appeal. Especially if you are making these changes with the goal of resale in mind, being able to present the home to buyers as already all set up for smart technology is going to act as a catalyst to them seeing your home as future focused.

Make it Bigger

Square footage is a tried-and-true way to increase your home’s value. Making your home bigger does not always necessarily mean an addition. Square footage can be added in the form of finishing a basement space or adding to the outdoor living square footage by adding a deck or patio. In terms of resale, price per square foot is how home values with similar styles and upgrades are compared so in most cases bigger is better.