Celebrating the 4th of July and the American Values of Independence, Liberty and Freedom

The 4th of July in America is known as Independence Day; this is a federal holiday when Americans from all walks of life come together in national celebration to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 when the nation declared autonomy from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Today the 4th of July holiday is also as much about celebrating America's history as it is about embracing the nation's core values of liberty, freedom and independence.

Despite the obstacles that the American nation and people may face annually, the 4th of July is a significant date on every citizen's calendar when thanks is given and celebrations are enjoyed; and even following the devastation of parts of the nation in 2005 when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita made landfall and wiped out communities on the Gulf Coast of the United States, July the 4th has remained a significant date for festivities and commemoration even in the affected communities.

Particularly when Hurricane Katrina made landfall and became one of the deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States, not only were the lives of so many Americans lost in cities and communities from Biloxi to New Orleans, but people's independence was lost as their homes were destroyed, their livelihoods were taken away and they were forced to rely on the state and even strangers for everything from their shelter to their food.

It was the plight of those who lost everything in the Hurricane that led to the American government drawing up the Gulf Opportunity Zone Act, which is legislation specifically formulated to regenerate the devastated communities and give back independence and freedom of choice in life to those directly affected by the storms and the aftermath of the floods and high winds.

According to Danny Silver, Principal of Property Direct America: "the Act, which has become known as the GO Zone Act, is an enabling piece of legislation to kick start reinvestment into affected communities and to ensure developers and investors are given every fiscal and practical encouragement to rebuild homes, businesses, communities and lives. 

"The Act has indeed brought independence to the lives of so many of those affected already – for example, in and around the city of Biloxi the Act has brought massive investment into the casino industry.  22 casinos are under construction and this has resulted in significant job creation; Chevron, ANI Pharmaceuticals, NASA, The University of Southern Mississippi and the Naval Construction Battalion centre have also brought reinvestment and jobs back to the area. Now corporate investment from companies such as BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce Naval Marine inc. has been received too and is responsible for giving independence back to the lives of so many so that this Independence Day, the people in the GO Zone will have a great deal to celebrate."

As part of the reconstruction initiatives for the devastated communities, new residential property development is ongoing apace to house those returning to the Gulf Coast and returning to their former lives. Developments such as Bayside Park in Biloxi, which is a development of energy efficient homes have been earmarked by the government for special investor incentives so that buyers will purchase the properties to let to the returning tenant demand.  Within the GO Zone Act investors are given specific and very attractive taxation and pure fiscal benefits so that they will buy into developments such as Bayside Park and ensure that there is adequate, quality housing available to those who want to return to their former communities and re-establish their own independence.

The properties are available for sale from just £75,000 with a 90% LTV mortgage available, and investors get tax back and financial advantages immediately, they benefit from having waiting and targeted tenant demand and therefore strong potential rental yields, and what's more, they can do their bit towards the efforts that the likes of Brad Pitt are pioneering in the region to give back independence to the lives of those affected and to ensure communities are regenerated and rebuilt.