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Construction of Marina Arms at The Wave, Muscat completed

Living around a marina area is looked upon as one of the most sought after lifestyle options. The meticulously planned Marina at The Wave, Muscat offers residents the exhilarating vibrancy of a chic urban lifestyle together with the advantages of living by the marina at the heart of town in Oman's first master planned community.

A distinctive design, uncompromising quality and adoption of stringent best practice principles, giving home owners a waterfront experience, have all been executed within the design of the Marina area. Along with exclusive apartments and villas, the Marina village area will be overlooking the marina. It offers residents and visitors access to a range of retail outlets. Sailing enthusiasts and water sports lovers will be able to enjoy the facilities around the Marina area all year round.

"Sea front developments face challenges that need to be dealt with. Threats from rising sea levels, global warming and climate change are concerns on everyone's mind when purchasing a water-front home.  At The Wave, Muscat we have applied stringent rules and have incorporated long term plans in the preparation and design stages to mitigate the impact of these issues.

We have implemented detailed risk management plans, which have gone beyond the traditional EIA studies and recommendations, which keep us abreast of possible impacts of environmental change. The construction at the marina is an example of The Wave, Muscat going above and beyond the standard design practices in order to give our residents complete peace of mind and ensure the longevity of the project," said Nick Smith, CEO,  The Wave Muscat. 

The primary protection to the marina and development will be provided by the Offshore Reef Breakwater. This structure is 2km long, located 1 km seaward of the marina and will comprise over 1,000,000m3 of rock materials and about 18,000 individual concrete armour units called Core-Loc.  The Core-Loc units weigh 12t each and heavier 16.5t units are used at the ends of the breakwater which are subjected to more severe conditions during a storm.

The finished height of the breakwater will be +7.5m above Chart Datum. During storms, sea swell will be transmitted through the rock structure of the breakwater together with waves generated by over-topping of the breakwater and deffraction (the motion of the waves bending around obstacles) round the ends of the breakwater. 

The marina and development will be protected from these swells and waves by the East and West Revetments. These structures are 0.7 km and 1.0 km long respectively and will be +5.9m above Chart Datum comprising rock armour of up to 8t size.

The marine structures have been designed considering wave and wind events up to 1/250 year return period which could result in a significant wave height of 5.95m for the breakwater.  Seismic events and the future rise in sea level has also been accounted for in the design. Significant wave height is defined as the highest of 1/3 waves.

Once again The Wave, Muscat is designing and building structures which meet existing international best practice and regulations in order to provide the safest possible environment for its residents, and provide the peace of mind and security that any purchaser of a water-side development looks for when signing up for this fantastic lifestyle opportunity.  

This mixed-use development comprises residential, commercial, hospitality and leisure units set around a 6 kms long natural beach, a Marina and a boulevard area will soon be brimming with activity.

This award winning development is being developed through a joint venture comprising Oman's Waterfront Investments (representing the Government of the Sultanate of Oman), National Investment Funds Company (representing Omani Pension Funds), and the UAE-based Majid Al Futtaim Group.