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Countryside show Leeds to Larnaca

Demand for the route has been high and recent figures suggest that the country is a top holiday destination for British visitors.

The latest official figures from the Cyprus Ministry for Tourism show that overall numbers of visitors to Cyprus increased from 219,263 in  the first quarter of 2007 to 228,962 for the same period in 2008. This increase of 4.4% year on year shows the increasing popularity of this Mediterranean country, with visitors from the UK topping the list for tourist visitors to Cyprus.

Martin Pearce, UK Sales Director for Aristo Developers comments "It is refreshing that in a climate where there is much talk of a global credit crunch and diminishing tourist figures that statistics actually show that visitors to Cyprus are on the rise. With numbers of those travelling from the EU and specifically the UK growing at a such positive rate, it is clear that more and more people are discovering the wonders of Cyprus' ancient sites, cultural variety and stunning scenery."

According to Sarah Woods, editor of the Retirement Property Guide, over 60,000 foreign retirees live in Cyprus, which also goes to show what an appeal the country has to the budding trend of people relocating. "A large percentage of the 60,000 retirees stated are Britons", says Sarah, "The Brits seem to be drawn to the island because of its enviable climate, its fantastic quality of life and because of the strong British influences that exist in Cyprus which was a British colony until 1960."

Jean and Malcolm Goulding who have recently bought a property through Aristo and have relocated to Cyprus as part of their retirement are keen to praise the country and all it has to offer as well saying: "It is home from home and every day the sun shines, and with such a strong British presence in Cyprus it is very easy to be accepted here.  The people are extremely friendly and the island has a very low crime rate so we always feel safe walking the streets day and night"

Martin Pearce concludes: "Demand for Cyprus in the UK, be it holidays or property, has always been high and with British visitors always topping the tourist stats, Aristo have recognised that by opening a representative office in the UK so that we are able to bring Cyprus direct to your door" 

Aristo will be appearing at The Countryside Live Harrogate show on the 25th and 26th October 2008.