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Decision time for overseas mortgages (in principle)

The newly launched Piraeus Bank UK website has a useful "online decision system" for overseas mortgages which allows those thinking about financing their dream home to calculate how much they can raise.

It is wise, as with everything, that before you start a property search you consider what budget you are working to and if you need help from financial sources. Piraeus Bank UK's new "online decision system" allows those looking into options for finance for an apartment or villa in Greece or Bulgaria to see how much help they can obtain in principle before committing to a purchase.

Not only this, but with all the mortgage product information you will need to fully research the financing of your second property overseas and a foreign exchange service available to make completing your final purchase as easy as possible, the Piraeus Bank UK website is the very best place to start your search for a new property abroad.

And with mortgage products to be available for Romania, Cyprus and Egypt in the coming months, Piraeus Bank UK will be helping ever-more people to secure their overseas property purchase.