Going in search of the good life

There is now no denying the fact that increasing numbers of Britons are actively considering searching for the good life abroad. As the cost of living in the UK rises and Great Britain teeters precariously on the brink of recession, those whose lives are impacted are no longer passive to their fate.

Rather, they are actively exploring their options, and for many, this involves looking overseas for a better quality of more affordable life.

According to the BBC, "every three minutes a British national packs their bags and starts a new life abroad," according to the Fresh Start Show, 72.2% of young Brits are considering moving abroad, and according to the Institute for Public Policy Research, 5.5 million Britons have already made the move overseas.  The reasons behind this mass exodus are easy to understand, for one thing the state of the economy in the UK leaves a lot to be desired as inflation increases, house values decrease, wages stagnate and companies' order books lie empty.  Adding to the sorry state of the nation and Britons' attitudes towards it are additional undeniable facts such as that the summer is proving to be a washout, crime levels appear to be rising and now the government has reduced the threshold at which individuals fall into the 40% tax bracket.

All in all it is unsurprising that so many Britons are contemplating a move overseas, and in their search for a nation that will offer them a better standard of more affordable living, Turkey is one of the hottest countries luring in Brits who are jaded and fed up with life in the UK.

Turkey is almost the perfect antidote to all that is lacklustre and wrong with life in Britain.  For example, along the Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines of Turkey the nation enjoys a fabulous climate, with newly arrived Britons commenting on the positive effect that waking up to blue skies every day has on the psyche.  The cost of living in Turkey is a fraction of that in the UK – everything from property costs to grocery costs, from the price of clothes to the price of cosmetics is cheaper in Turkey – and cheaper by far.  What's more, the pace of life is slower, the people are more friendly, open, relaxed and welcoming and those who move from the UK to live in Turkey are finding that their new life is everything that they could have dreamed of and more.

Take Adam Jack, a former postman from Chester who moved to live in Turkey with his wife recently – he comments that he is so impressed with Turkey and the Turkish people, that the climate is a blessing and that everything about his new life is ideal, and even his dog is happier in Turkey than he was in the UK!  His feelings about his new home country are typical of those of almost all Britons – young and old – who move to live in Turkey to enjoy a better quality of life.  Another fact that many expats who are now living in Turkey benefit from is that the country is becoming better served nation-wide by low cost airlines, which means that getting to and from Turkey is now quick, cost effective and easy.  This allows Brits to easily keep in touch with friends and family back home and it also means that those living in their villas and apartments looking over the Med can expect to receive plenty of visitors from the rainy UK!

However, one question that is often asked about Turkey is whether it is truly a good choice for the long-term.  Does it have the necessary infrastructure in place to support increasing communities of expatriate residents, does it have the healthcare facilities in place, is the economy stable and where will Turkey be in 5, 10 or even 15 years?  These are all very important questions to answer for those who are potentially investing their entire future in Turkey by moving from the UK to live there.  And the good news is, Turkey's economy is growing rapidly but sustainably, Turkey is working hard to achieve its ultimate goal of EU entry, the nation has first world medical facilities, the government is investing billions into key infrastructure and targeting many of the resorts where Britons make their home first, the nation's real estate industry is thriving meaning that those who buy a home in Turkey are buying an investment, and in the short, medium and long-term, Turkey appears to be a far more stable and positive bet than Great Britain as it emerges to fulfil its true economic potential.

Is it any wonder then, that increasing numbers of Britons are packing their belongings and heading in search of the good life by moving to live in Turkey?