Eco Property Matters: Green Homes for the future

In a climate where eco-matters move more and more to the fore of the public psyche on a daily basis, and in a world where the building and real estate market features heavily in the green debate, a new show - 'Property Matters' – is set to shed light on this important issue.

'Property Matters' is exclusive to Real Estate TV, the UK's leading dedicated property channel, available on Sky channels 273 and 274 and on demand on Virgin TV and at and will form part of a series dedicated to uncovering the issues that affect potential buyers and in turn offer a behind-the-scenes look at the future for the property industry.

In the first 'Property Matters' programme, Real Estate TV have taken an inside look at The Barratt Green House, the winning design for the Home for the Future competition which was part of the 2007 Mail on Sunday British Homes Awards, to build a home that meets the highest level, level 6, of the government's Code for Sustainable Homes. This also means that it will be the first UK home built by a mainstream builder to meet the criteria for zero stamp duty, and will ultimately set the standard for homes of the future.

In visiting the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Innovation Park in Watford where the three bedroom Barratt Green House has been built, Real Estate TV are allowing viewers to be at the forefront of homes for the future and encouraging them to see what they could do to improve the eco-credentials of their current or future home. The show delves behind the façade to find out more about features such as solar panels which produce electricity and hot water for the home, rainwater harvesting systems that use gathered water to flush the home's toilets and the way in which the heavy concrete construction of The Barratt Green House's floor aids constant temperatures within the building.

This entire project is in line with the governmental legislation that states that all new homes must be zero carbon from 2016 and this Barratt Green House development and Real Estate TV's 'Property Matters' show are timely considering the daily heightening of eco-issues. As we move towards a future that will inevitably be greener for all, it is important for the property industry to lead the way in the eco debate, and viewers can tune in to Real Estate TV to see exactly how they are doing this.

Watch 'Property Matters' on Real Estate TV, Sky channels 273 and 274 on Friday 6th June at 5.00pm, and on demand on Virgin TV and at