International airport in Lombok underway

Due to the new international airport that is already under construction the property business on Lombok is in a rush.

The "EMAAR Group", a investor from Dubai signed a contract with the local government to develop the Kuta area in the south of Lombok with a investment of around US$600m. Of course this project is a great economical turn up for the region south- and east Lombok. The unspoiled, natural coast is ideal for private homes or commercial projects like hotels or resorts.

By laying the foundation stone for the new international airport, the Governor of the province West Nusa Tenggara, Mr HL Serinata officially opened the construction works on January 19th 2008. The total investment is 665 billion rupiah (about 72.3 million US dollars) and the opening is scheduled for 2010. Mr. Serinata expressed his hopes that the establishment and operation of this new airport would connect the island directly with the international business. "I am confident that many investors will settle here and I hope that this brings an upturn for the local job market. Therefore, we must now raise the skills of the inhabitants of the region to adapt to the new realities." the governor said in an interview with the Jakarta Post.

The President of the state-owned airport management company "PT Angkasa Pura" Heru Legowo said: "So far, only small passenger machines can land on Lombok because the airport Selaparang  is not suitable for larger aircrafts such as the Boeing 747." The new main runway will have a length of 2750 metres, this is 650 metres longer then at the Selaparang Airport. The passenger capacity lays 300% over the one of the old airport which means 2.4 million passengers per year can be handled, instead of only 800,000. That shousd take some pressure of the Airport in Denpasar which can not be extended.

The infrastructure is developing, there is virtually no road that is not under construction and new ones are build, the riverbeds get fixed to avoid floods in the rainy season; the island gets ready for a new age.

Altogether, Lombok is a excellent spot for investments right now.