and Proptrack collaborate in Spain

Award-winning Spanish Property Portal, today announced an industry-first collaboration with Proptrack, a property management system for estate agents.

The 1,500 estate agents using the property portal can now export their information from to Proptrack.

The new collaboration allows estate agents to benefit from the work flow, property management and collaboration features of Proptrack and the outstanding marketing and lead generation features of

Commenting on the agreement, Martin Dell of said: "Although it is common practice for property management systems to allow their estate agent clients to send data to property portals, we believe this is the first time that the flow of information has also been made to work in the reverse direction. Most property portals tend to ring-fence their property data – an attitude which is detrimental to their estate agent clients."

Speaking of the industry-standard XML method of data transfer pioneered by in 2003, Dell continued: "Almost five years ago, was the first Spanish property portal to encourage the free flow of property data out of the portal. Even today, we are one of only a handful of property portals in the world to do so. Our fundamental objective has always been to improve the flow of information in the Spanish property business, and this new collaboration with Proptrack is another example of us achieving just that".

As part of the agreement, is sharing more than property information with the Proptrack management system, explains Dell. "When an estate agent enters property information on, we groom and standardise their location information, adding geocode data to each property record. We have not shared this information previously because of the substantial investment we made in developing the proprietary technology that calculates this value-added information. However, in order for estate agents to gain the most benefit from the Proptrack system, we saw that this was essential to pass this geocode data to Proptrack."

This means that when estate agents export their property information from to Proptrack, the accuracy of their location information is preserved. A problem peculiar to Spain is that there are several spoken languages – Castilian, Catalan, Basque and Gallego. This means that many locations actually have two names in common use – one in the 'local' language and one in Castilian Spanish.

Additionally, there are almost always colloquial names for towns and urbanisations – which means that it's often difficult to accurately pinpoint an urbanisation or town. This new agreement between and Proptrack ensures that estate agents benefit from accurate location information within both and Proptrack systems.

Dell concludes. "Running a successful property portal is a very different business to providing back-office tools for an estate agent to manage their properties, vendors and buyers. This new collaboration between and Proptrack, allows each company to focus on its strengths and provide estate agents with best-of-breed solutions in both areas. In the tougher market conditions currently facing estate agents in Spain, this collaboration offers them a significant competitive advantage."