The rise of the Nomadic Golfer

There's a quiet revolution underway, it started in the Home Counties and has spread to golf courses around Great Britain and Ireland, and now the move is making its way overseas and nothing can stand in its way.

The revolution is a backlash against the establishment that rules the traditional golf club, and more and more seasoned and passionate golfers are throwing away their annual membership forms in favour of freedom and a nomadic golfing lifestyle.

The rise of the nomadic golfer is evident in the figures and statistics that have been issued by the golfing fraternity – for example, the English Golf Union has statistics that show that every year for the past three years the numbers of those signing up as fully fledged members of golf courses around the country have fallen.  And yet golf is one of the fastest growing, most popular sports in the world with new converts and courses appearing in nations as far apart and diverse as Brazil and China.

Once an elitist sport where golf clubs were class ranked and where membership was prized, golf has now become a game passionately and truly enjoyed and embraced by people from all walks of life who do not want to be fettered by membership to a single club, but who prefer to travel and experience courses around the country and even around the world.

Travel and flexibility are driving forces behind the rise in the numbers of nomadic golfers – as is cost.  The cost of membership fees for a quality golf club in the United Kingdom is becoming increasingly prohibitive in the current financial climate, and what's more, many know that instead of paying such fees they can put the money towards golfing holidays and enjoy games at courses around the country and indeed, on overseas courses as well.

The advantages of leading a nomadic golfing lifestyle are multifarious – aside from spreading and even reducing the cost and avoiding politics and status rivalries at traditional golf clubs, the number one advantage is freedom.  And this freedom enjoyed by those who can choose where they play, when and with whom is being mirrored in a new style of property ownership for golfers and their friends and families at some of the most spectacular and quality international courses and resorts internationally.

According to James Wyatt who is the Senior Partner at golf property specialists Barton Wyatt: "the international golfing fraternity is embracing the concept of the nomadic golfer.  Now the property developers behind some of the most high-end golf based resorts internationally have taken the concept one stage further and they are offering exceptional fractional ownership structures for those who love the idea of having an apartment or villa within a golf resort, but who only want to use it for a certain number of weeks a year."

Once such development where fractional ownership is going down a storm with those who love the nomadic golfing lifestyle, who enjoy playing international courses, who want a true property investment as well as a holiday home in an attractive overseas location is the Amendoeira Golf Resort near Silves on the Algarve in Portugal. World famous for its stunning wealth of fabulous golf courses, it's only appropriate that the Algarve should be leading the way with this new style of fractional ownership for the nomadic golfer.

The Amendoeira Golf Resort has two excellent golf courses, the first designed by Nick Faldo with strategy play in mind, the second an O'Connor Junior Course designed using large areas of water meaning that play must be accurate and creative. The resort also features an urban golf and sporting lounge for tuition, a PGA Golf Academy, tennis courts, football pitches, bowling greens, pitch & putt, swimming pools, saunas, a kids' club, restaurant and bar. 

Amendoeira Golf Resort has a range of property types available, from two and three bedroom luxury apartments to three bedroom villas, and each property is available on a full or fractional ownership basis with the opportunity for either type of owner to also rent out homes for investment returns too.