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Top ten reasons to buy in Canada

With 2007 seeing a record number of people choosing Canada as their home, so what attracts so many to purchase in this vast North American country?

1: The Four Seasons
Canada is the second largest country in the world and is the genuine 4 season destination with 'snow-sure' winters, blooming spring, balmy summer with temperatures reaching lazily above 30 degrees centigrade. Canada experiences a spectacular Autumn which is renowned across the world, Fall (Autumn) is many peoples favourite time of year, bringing its unique mix of colour and foliage, many people make the trip  just to see this beautiful changing of the seasons.

2: Good Living
Canada is regularly listed by the United Nations (UN) as one of the 10 best places in the world to live. With low population density, abundance of fresh water, universal healthcare, excellent education and low tuition fees it is no wonder that Canada is regularly placed so highly on the UN list. Rankings are compiled by using 42 factors covering political and economic stability, crime, pollution, health, environment, education, infrastructure and leisure facilities.

3: Colourful Canadians
Canada is one of the most culturally diverse nations on the planet, with a welcoming policy for people looking to relocate. Canada received a record number of immigrants in 2007, some 429,649 permanent residents, temporary foreign workers, and foreign students – more than 60,000 higher than four years ago according to a report by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. In 2006, 6,542 British citizens emigrated permanently, making Canada one the UK's top ten emigration destinations.

4: Bilingual Canada and the Quebecois
Canada is officially a bilingual nation speaking French and English, though French is mainly spoken in Quebecbut everybody speaks English. Settled in the 1600's Quebec is the centre of French culture in Canada, and its capital Quebec City retains an air of old Europe about it making it a unique cosmopolitan destination.  Canada is justly proud of its French and English heritages and has developed into a world leader at teaching second languages, so it's never to late for you to improve your French tongue.

5: Cultural Festivals
Canadians know how to throw a great party including world famous festivals that attract visitors from around the globe.  Some of Canada's most popular festivals include; The Calgary Stampede – a ten day exhibition and the worlds richest rodeo event that has been running since 1912.  Montreal is renowned for its cosmopolitan culture and is famed for hosting the Montreal annual Jazz Festival and also motor racings F1 circuit. Not forgetting, the Quebec Winter Carnival and the Celtic Colours Festival in Nova Scotia.  With so many great events it's easy to see why Canada has a growing reputation for showing visitors a good time.

6: Natural Wonders
Canada boasts some of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world, with the majestic Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains and a multitude of pristine national parks to choose from it's easy to see why Canadians place such a high value on their natural environment.  Canada currently boasts 42 national parks and national reserves located in every province and territory.  Canada offers a diverse range of natural beauty, from the rugged coastlines of British Columbia, the immense Rocky mountain ranges, the wide open spaces of the prairie lands and of course the Aurora Borealis – The Aurora Oval, the area in which the Northern Lights occurs most often covers a huge part of Canada.

7: Outdoor Activities
One of the advantages of having all of Canada's great outdoors on your doorstep is being able to fully exploit the range of possible sporting activities.  With mountains, trails and spectacular lakes, Canada offers some of the worlds best locations for outdoor pursuits.  Canada boasts world class snowboarding and skiing resorts, like  Mont Tremblant a ski  resort, about 90 minutes north of Montréal, a swimming lake in the summer and 7 golf courses,  its little wonder Mt Tremblant was recognised by Ski Magazine as the number one ski resort in eastern North America for eight consecutive years. Besides skiing Canada also has some of the world's best fishing rivers, hiking trails and mountain biking routes.  Canada's abundance of lakes also means that great kayaking, canoeing and sailing are never far away.

8: Animal Magic
Canada provides opportunities for some of the most spectacular animal encounters on the planet; from the Polar Bears of Churchill Manitoba, to the Humpbacks Whales of the western coast, they are sights that never cease to amaze visitors.  Many companies have created expertly guided eco-tourism trips, like riding the Tundra buggies in Churchill, a method which offers unprecedented access to the hundreds of Polar Bears that congregate near the town each year to await the freezing of the sea ice.  And if Whales and Polar Bears aren't enough the forests of Canada are home to Caribou, Grizzly Bears and Wolves, so there really is something for every one.

9: City Chic
Canadian cities are being universally accepted as some the most attractive places to reside, rated highly for access to education, low crime rates, cultural diversity and excellent health care Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal have all  been commended for their cleanliness, safety, diversity and their cultural  and social activities.

10: Great Property to choose from
Canada is becoming an increasingly popular place to buy property, whether for a holiday home or somewhere to set up nest in. With an expanding tourist industry, foreign investors are also being encouraged to purchase properties for buy-to-lets in order to satisfy the increasing tourism demand. If you plan on holidaying yourself or living in your property though, whether it's for a tranquil retreat or Mecca for golf and skiing, Canada has it all.