Uncharted programming territory for Real Estate TV

Now at home on a brand new channel on Sky TV and with an exciting and innovative new look to the brand's online presence, Real Estate TV is again forging ahead in its bid to bring the most informative, relevant and entertaining programming to its expanding audience.

With the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) revealing that there was a 21% increase in the number of property purchases made abroad by Britons in 2007, it's crystal clear that overseas real estate is still of primary interest to us all.  As a result of this fact and basing their programming decisions on viewer demand, Real Estate TV are airing a new series about international property destinations entitled Uncharted Territory from the 15th of September.

Whilst many of us still prefer our holiday homes and overseas investments to be located in the likes of tried and tested Spain and France according to AIPP's findings, the Association also reveals that a growing number of significant factors are encouraging us Britons to look further afield for our well priced international homes.  Taking this information on board, Uncharted Territories is a series of programmes specifically aimed at all those who are seeking homes abroad slightly off the beaten track.

With the value of the euro still high against the pound and with confidence in some traditional markets such as Spain and Florida waning, locations as diverse as Brazil, India, Turkey, Slovakia, Slovenia and Belize are rising in appeal for those looking for a combination of affordably priced, quality real estate that represents an investment, whilst being located in an appealing location.  However, much less is known about such emerging destinations when it comes to the transparency of their property markets, the purchase process, taxes, fees and even long term investment potential – that was until now.  Thanks to the programme makers behind Uncharted Territories we can now become fully informed about every essential aspect of these exciting and diverse international property markets.

The new series of Uncharted Territories debuts at 9.30pm on Real Estate TV on Sky Channel 262 and 263 on Monday 15th of September, and with the assistance of experienced TV presenter Juliet Morris, viewers will learn about the potential, attraction and intricacies of the following markets: –
Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, India and Brazil.