Up and coming property markets and trends

In a recent interview with Real Estate TV, Managing Director Mark Dodd was able to draw on the opinions and expert knowledge that he is a party to in his every day work to provide insight on emerging trends in international property this year.

Mark Dodd comments: "from speaking to professional investors, developers, market analysts and also consumers it's clear that there are about seven trends and markets to be particularly aware of in 2008."

The United Arab Emirates, in particular Abu Dhabi and Ajman offer emerging markets for investors to watch.  Learning from the successes and also mistakes of ever-popular Dubai, both emirates are developing their own thriving and prosperous emerging property industries with Abu Dhabi having USD 2.4 trillion worth of active and announced projects for investors to choose from already.  

Both markets are enjoying strong levels of international and local interest, and if the expected revaluation of the UAE dirham goes ahead, those who time their buy-in correctly stand to make an instant one off gain as well.  

In addition to this, the recent announcement that Ajman is to get its own airport apparently saw property prices in the emirate rise almost overnight by 30% – as represented at one development, the Ajman Pearl, where median per square foot prices reportedly rose from 425 dirham in November to 550 dirham following the December airport project announcement.  Prices are expected to keep climbing as the airport's development gets underway. 

Egypt and Morocco, which rose in popularity in 2007, are continuing to make headway in terms of popularity and profitability in 2008. Boosting Egypt's prospects are the facts that the nation's security standards have improved, Egypt's economy is looking more robust, and winter sun tourism arrivals are increasing and where investors and buyers select freehold properties; these make for an even more sound investment choice. In favour of Morocco are the facts that it has an exceptional climate, it is affordably and easily accessible from the UK, and it is enjoying massive investment from wealthy UAE based developers.

Looking further a field there is emerging potential in Vietnam and possibly further room for growth in certain corners of India. Both markets are benefiting from urbanisation there is a growing local affluent class seeking real estate to buy and rent and this is fuelling demand and development considerably; this translates into opportunity for investors.  Neither nation offers straightforward buying procedures however.  

A trend to be aware of is buying US dollar priced property in pounds, where real estate is priced in the weak dollar and buyers are able to use sterling to purchase, bargains are being had.  Everyone knows that this is the case in Florida where a combination of a housing market recession, record numbers of foreclosures and an incredibly weak local currency are allowing buyers to bag bargains. But markets like Panama and Mexico and even North and South Carolina in the United States offer considerable potential as well. The most conservative estimates put price appreciation in Panama in 2008 at between 15 and 20% for example, and when you consider you can get almost a 12% rental yield if you buy well located, prime property, demand is likely to really push pricing.

However Real Estate TV is also aware that more and more people are considering the carbon footprint debate, plus increasing oil and therefore fuel surcharges for flying overseas. There will be some second home buyers who are more likely to stay closer to home. Programme coverage reflects and addresses this with the up coming series 'Property Matters' which features UK carbon zero housing and 'Homes for the Future'. This green and eco trend in property development is certainly one to watch out for at home and abroad. 

Mark Dodd comments, 'Real Estate TV aims to inform its viewers of the potential investment markets emerging in programmes such as The Next Big Thing, as well as feature safe buying practices and new properties on the market in the already popular and booming countries and regions as presented in the Focus In series.' Having a strong and ever evolving presence in the property industry we are able to keep up with trends and interesting markets, one of the reasons our audience figures continue to grow'.