Feature: How to make your holiday home more appealing to tourists

Decorating your home for summer

By Matthew Currington, Technical Director, The Lighting Superstore

As the weather warms up, many may be looking to explore the UK and enjoy a well-deserved break. If you’re looking to make the most of your holiday home and let it out to holiday goers, you may wonder how to make it more appealing to tourists.

The holiday home market boomed following Covid-19 travel restrictions and still remains a popular option for those looking to avoid chaotic airports, but there is tough competition to stand out.

Here are a few ways you can help your holiday accommodation stand out from the rest…

It’s all about going the extra mile

Don’t underestimate the big impact of small comforts. High-quality mattresses, bedding and towels are all essential comforts to include in your holiday home.

However, going the extra mile to create memorable spaces will serve you in the long run. Perhaps creating a bar area with a cocktail shaker and bar tools or even a coffee station with a range of options. These little extras will help your home stand out while giving guests some extra enjoyment.

Smaller details, like leaving a small goodie bag, phone chargers or board games helps to make sure your guests’ needs are met and they have a comfortable stay.

Invest in unique experiences

With a competitive holiday market, it can be challenging to make your home stand out. However, unusual amenities like a hot tub, pizza oven or gaming system can be great draw cards for holiday-goers. Some reports claim that a hot tub could increase bookings by 10 to 20 percent.

These added amenities could also increase the rate of your accommodation. Making your accommodation dog-friendly can also do wonders for attracting pet owners to your holiday home. There has been a sharp increase in people searching for dog-friendly accommodation so including this as an option. Be sure to include extras like dog bowls and a dog bed to ensure that even furry guests have a lovely stay.

Highlight local artisans

Many guests prefer staying in a home as opposed to a hotel room in order to stay somewhere that’s unique. Rather than using stock pictures for art and neutral furnishings, consider decorating your space with goods from local artisans.

Of course, this is a great way to support small businesses, but it also makes your home feel unique and homey. Whether it’s art from a local artist or décor items like homemade ceramics and textiles, these items are a great way to give your holiday home some local flair.

Invest in lighting

It can be easy to forget about the lighting in a space, but it can mean the difference between stark, boring lighting and unique pieces which create a great atmosphere.

Interesting lighting is an affordable way to create design interest in your home, while also adding to the ambience.

Warm-toned lighting is a great choice to help make spaces feel cosier, while lighting targeted in certain areas can help highlight unique design elements.

And don’t forget about garden lighting if you have an outdoor space. Outdoor spaces are a great draw card for holiday listings, so make the most of the space. Solar lighting is an ideal option for the outdoors as it doesn’t require installation but ensures that the space can be used throughout the evening.

Don’t cram the space

It can be tempting to offer a ton of extra amenities in your holiday home, but it’s important to make sure that these fit comfortably in the space.

Cramming your space with extra furniture can make it feel claustrophobic and may look less appealing to potential guests online.

Instead, pick a few key items that you would like to have in each space and decorate around these. While it’s great to add interesting corners to your home, avoid this if space is at a minimum. Rather focus on ensuring that the basic amenities are great and add one or two homey details.

You’ll also want to avoid having clutter around the home. When living in a space, it’s normal to accumulate bits and bobs, but you’ll want to ensure these are all packed away if you have guests staying.