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BuildLoan and Buckinghamshire Launch New Self-Build Products

Self and custom build specialist BuildLoan has launched two new products in conjunction with Buckinghamshire Building Society.

The new products offer guaranteed stage payments, based on the cost of each stage of work, rather than the level of available funds being dependent on a lender’s valuation during the build. This significant feature removes the risk of available funds being reduced unexpectedly due to a down-valuation, which can cause the client severe cashflow issues and potentially bring a project to a standstill if contractors can’t be paid on time, or materials cannot be purchased when they are needed.

Funds are paid in advance of each key build stage, meaning that the funds are released to customers at the point they are required for their project and there are sufficient funds available to meet expenditure before each stage of work starts.

Both products are ERC-free with an initial 2 year rate linked to SVR with the first having no product fee and an initial pay rate of 5.50%. The second has a completion fee of £1,499 with an initial pay rate of 4.45%.

Buckinghamshire has offered a range of self and custom build mortgages exclusively through BuildLoan since 2015.

Enquiries can be submitted to BuildLoan through its Unicus online platform, which also provides a wealth of useful information for brokers.

Chris Martin, Head of Product Development and Underwriting at BuildLoan, commented: “These products tick many boxes for self-builders, with guaranteed stage payments available up-front to ensure that clients get their money when they need it during the build. The low fee

structure is highly attractive and having no ERCs provides a lot of flexibility when the build has been completed.

Claire Askham, head of mortgage sales at Buckinghamshire Building Society, said: “Self and custom build is an important market for us and we have worked hard with BuildLoan to develop these products with features that self-builders really need. The peace of mind of having pre-agreed up-front stage payments gives clients huge reassurance and confidence that they can finance their build successfully.”