Eco priorities lowest in Western markets

In a property market with many different concerns, apparently the eco effect is not particularly high on the list.

While the eco effect is pronounced and felt heavily in some of the markets of the world, it appears as though many of the markets are relatively untouched by it according to recent surveys done in multiple property markets that asked potential homeowners what they were looking for in homes that they wanted to purchase.

In a recent survey of that kind done in London, fully two thirds of the people that were asked said that energy saving features were the least important thing to them when they were searching for property. This is in spite of massive efforts on the part of the Government in order to educate buyers on the benefits of being eco-conscious in their purchasing of property. Size, location and condition were the three most important factors, with ecological considerations placing at the bottom of the ten point list.

According to a representative of the firm that did the survey, "In London, so many people are competing for every square inch of property that there isn’t the luxury to search by carbon output."

Similar results were found in nearby Desborough and the two results can be taken as a microcosm of the feeling in many of the declining western property markets on the world stage.

One of the reasons for this, according to some analysts, has to do with the idea of the high expense that is already seen in those markets and the fact that many people simply can not find homes that are both affordable and ecologically friendly. In fact, most people in these markets would freely acknowledge that finding an affordable property is hard enough without having to find one that is also eco-conscious.

Western markets, which have up until now been largely responsible for the resurgence of ecological considerations in property development, might be seeing a push back in the other direction as a result of their downward spiral.