There’s a lack of pet friendly rentals

Pet ownership has jumped during the pandemic, however only 2.8% of UK rental properties are advertised as being pet friendly, Home Made research shows.

Plymouth is home to the most pet friendly rental properties, with 8% of rentals welcoming pets, followed by Edinburgh (6%).

However in Belfast and Leicester there are no pet friendly properties currently advertised.

Nationally, 39% of UK pet owning renters have been unable to rent a property just because they own a pet.

Asaf Navot, chief executive of Home Made, said: “We’re a nation of pet lovers – even more so following lockdown. But finding a rental property to suit you and your pet or pets can be tough.

“It is understandable many landlords are concerned about potential damage to their properties as we know that pets can be hard on a home.

“But there are real upsides to renting to pet owners – they’re often more conscientious tenants and they stay longer.

He added: “If you’re a landlord concerned about your property, chat to prospective tenants about the additional wear and tear and factor this into tenancy negotiations. You can also spend some time pet proofing the property by removing items like rugs that could be easily damaged.

“No one should have to rehome a pet because of a lack of housing options – and searching for pet-friendly properties needs to be made easier. As a team of animal lovers, we’ve created a ‘pet-friendly property’ search tool on our site so prospective renters can find the perfect place to live.”

Over half of renters would be happy to pay at least 5% more in rent as a “pet premium” to mitigate any wear and tear caused by their pet.